The Dalai Lama
Short story of a lucky visit to the Tiksay monastery in Ladakh during a very special Day.

From the early morning, people and worshipers of any age and culture started to gather at the foots of the great monastery.

Different people, different prayers.

Families, friends, lone or groups.

Men, women.

Old, older, elder, any age.

Friendly People

Happy People

With their own story.

Different cultures, different dresses, different uses.

And the Monks. Finally we understood why all other monasteries were almost desert.

Monks of any ages, from children till elders.

But one single deep red color. Really impressive for the eye.

Doesn't matter which red, just red...

The speech took a long time, around six hours...

The volunteer were preparing the Tea for the monks... They were just waiting the right moment..

Dressed in wonderful traditional clothes.

No matter the age..

To provide the tea to the novices,which will run to their masters bringing them the drink.

Meanwhile, other worshipers were repairing themselves from the sun rays.

At 3400mt over the sea level, in a clear day, the sun can be really strong.

Very strong, and soon the show made by the umbrellas became something fantastic to see..

From the top of the Monastery, a very impressive and colored scene....

All to listen the words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.