My latest twenty shots, check here periodically to see the updates!


Crossing the Sahara


Oh Wow!

The funny sky over my home

The Hill behind home at sunset - Nazzano

Love is in the air - two Argynnis Paphia breeding on a wild orchid

DNA - two Argynnis Paphia are breeding on a wild orchid, the detail I captured with the Irix 150mm is huge

Timorasso wine leaves and a little hidden guest...

Duomo di Ortigia - Siracusa

Natura Morta

I'm the eye in the sky... Hey! From here I can see m y home!

Corralejo Sahara

Mountain Sunset

My Little Enchanted Forest

Vineyard Sunset

One Night in Köln

Moon over Nazzano

This is the Light

Fire Pearl

Last Rays

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